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A Full-Fledged Arcade for Your Site

Add Heyzap's Arcade app now to access over 12,000 of the hottest casual games. From sports, to strategy - you will find every type of genre and game when you add this app to your site. You can pick from different categories including: sports, strategy, RPG, adventure, action, puzzle, lifestyle, multiplayer and shooter. It also is possible to create an entirely custom collection of the most addictive games available on the internet. So go ahead, get Heyzap games on your Webs site and create your very own Arcade. Your members and visitors will have a blast!


Video Blog

You think video blogging is too complicated? Think again! If you have a webcam, then you are ready to add the Video Blog application to your profile.

Sharing your thoughts by video couldn't be easier! By using video technology called "Nimbb", you can record, preview and save your video with a few clicks. No uploading, pre-recording or software required. Everything is done in real-time, right from the app. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to use, guaranteed!

The video blog is an amazing new way to update your profile. Its like having your own mini tv-show, right on your site. Since no typing is required, your blogging experience will be a lot quicker more fun!


Some great features:

  • SUPER easy to use
  • Only requires a webcam
  • Record unlimited videos (requires a subscription)
  • Let your members record videos too
  • Approve and delete videos
  • Video technology powered by


Our easy-to-use toll-free service allows you to establish a voicemail account in minutes. Unlike traditional voicemail services, which trap your voicemail messages, Voicemail by UhaveAudio provides instant notification along with a record of the caller's phone number and the time and date received. Our voicemail service displays messages in a visual in-box, just like email, and allows the user to listen to messages one by one and in any order. Listen to your messages directly from your computer, your PDA device, or your phone. Don't miss that important message or worry about writing down the caller's phone number, it's all done for you. Unlock your voicemail. Try it now - for free!

Easy-to-use! Get started today.

Voicemail to email
  • Review your voicemail messages online
  • Easily save and forward all messages via email
Voicemail by phone
  • Listen or delete messages using your phone
Instant Notification
  • Notifies you when you have a message waiting
Voicemail access online
  • Access your messages from any computer
Call tracking
  • Record the caller's phone number along with the date and time the message was received
Personal greeting
  • Create your own personal greeting using our record by microphone feature, or using any phone
Toll-free number
  • A toll-free number with your own extension